Ahtisaari Days

The Ahtisaari Days were started in 2010. The idea came from a working group led by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alexander Stubb. For ten years, the Ahtisaari Days were a yearly event arranged with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and CMI. In 2021, the Ahtisaari Days were changed as CMI wanted to extend the annual event to be more ongoing. The idea now is that the Ahtisaari Days can be anytime – conflicts can be resolved every day.

The point of the Ahtisaari Days is for young people to promote peace and an end to conflicts, which is called ‘conflict resolution’ by such things as providing tools and teaching material for schools. The Ahtisaari Days experts can be invited to schools to talk about the themes related to conflict resolution. The Ahtisaari Days also feature a group of young peace ambassadors, “The Lennons”, whose goal is to encourage young people to be peacemakers in their own lives.

The Ahtisaari Days bring conflict resolution to all Finnish schools.

The Ahtisaari Days brings conflict resolution to as a part of young people’s everyday lives.