Peace Mediation

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In a world with a fast-growing population, dwindling natural resources, serious inequality and other major problems, the ability to solve conflicts and make peace is more important than ever. Conflicts cannot be resolved by force – peaceful negotiation is the only real solution. There is no conflict, no matter how serious, that cannot be solved. As President Ahtisaari likes to say, peace is a matter of will.

These learning materials are based on lessons learned by President Ahtisaari and the rest of the CMI peacemaking team. They present several ways of understanding what peace mediation is all about, and what makes an effective mediator. What are the most important things to discuss in peace negotiations? Why is a peace agreement just the first step on the long road to creating lasting peace? ”Peace mediation” and “peace negotiation” are fancy terms, but peacemaking is a skill that everyone should work on improving, at all ages.


1. President Ahtisaari’s lessons for peace

Nobel Peace laureate and former president of Finland Martti Ahtisaari shares the most important principles he has learned and put into practice during his long career as a peacemaker.

2. Centre Country, South Country, East Country

The purpose of this exercise is to show, and provide an experience on an emotional level of how conflicts can start. The exercise will also make clear that there seldom is a ’good’ or ’bad’ side. It’s important to listen to each other and to take each other’s views and concerns into consideration.

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