Peacemaker of the year

Kouluissa voidaan osana Ahtisaari-päiviä valita koulun oma sovittelija.
Schools can choose their own Peacemaker of the Year.


As part of the Ahtisaari Days, each school or class can choose its own Peacemaker of the Year. The aim of this award is to recognise a student, a group of students, or even a member of the school staff, who has / have tried especially hard to solve conflicts and promote peace. At the same time, the award inspires others to strive for the same goals.

It’s a good idea to choose a Peacemaker or Peacemakers of the Year by popular vote. This gives everyone an equal voice, and promotes constructive debate. There can be an all-round Peacemaker of the Year for the entire school, or one for each class.

The Peacemaker of the Year:

has through his or her own actions helped create a peaceful and positive environment at school

shows understanding and respect towards different points of view

has been involved in solving some conflict(s) at the school



The Peacemakers of the Year each receive a diploma. You can download the diplomas from here:


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